98% of all communication is non-verbal

Imagine being able to start a conversation and spark connections without saying a word.

That’s exactly what the Talking Tops ASL DESIGN Tees & Sweatshirts are all about.

Featuring a powerful lenticular printed graphic with hand American Sign Language (ASL),- a positive and inclusive message that invites communication and promotes unity.

Wearing this sweatshirt is a bold and stylish way to show your commitment to promoting communication access and inclusivity.

By silently speaking your thoughts, you can inspire others to join the mission and make a difference in the hearing loss community.

Order your Talking Tops ASL DESIGN Tees & sweatshirts today and be a part of the movement to promote communication access and inclusivity.

Tops - Hi & Bye

Tops - let’s connect - 2023 ( Limited Edition)

Tops - Not My Problem

Tops - Deaf Awareness

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